Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Football's Diamond Formation for Youth and Recreational Players

Reem Taoz has spent time as a night shift manager with organizations such as Grupo Taoz SAC and Lafromagerie SAC, both located in Lima, Peru. When he is not furthering his career in the nightlife industry, Reem Taoz enjoys staying active by playing football.

Professional soccer teams have virtually limitless formations, or sets, to choose from when constructing a team and establishing offensive and defensive strategies. However, individuals playing the sport for fun, or instructors overseeing youth teams, do well to limit their focus to a few of the game’s more well known sets. The diamond formation is one of the easiest sets to teach to individuals who lack advanced football knowledge.

After illustrating a diamond with its low and high points at either goal, coaches should instruct players at the lower end of the diamond to simply pass up to the higher end. The initial pass can be made toward midfield via either of the diamond's sides. The midfielder can then pass up to the top of the diamond, across the field to the other side, or back to the bottom, whichever provides the most intelligent passing opportunity. Using this diamond pattern, young and inexperienced players are free to get creative with their decision making, while at the same time they are not overwhelmed with strategy options.