Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Football's Diamond Formation for Youth and Recreational Players

Reem Taoz has spent time as a night shift manager with organizations such as Grupo Taoz SAC and Lafromagerie SAC, both located in Lima, Peru. When he is not furthering his career in the nightlife industry, Reem Taoz enjoys staying active by playing football.

Professional soccer teams have virtually limitless formations, or sets, to choose from when constructing a team and establishing offensive and defensive strategies. However, individuals playing the sport for fun, or instructors overseeing youth teams, do well to limit their focus to a few of the game’s more well known sets. The diamond formation is one of the easiest sets to teach to individuals who lack advanced football knowledge.

After illustrating a diamond with its low and high points at either goal, coaches should instruct players at the lower end of the diamond to simply pass up to the higher end. The initial pass can be made toward midfield via either of the diamond's sides. The midfielder can then pass up to the top of the diamond, across the field to the other side, or back to the bottom, whichever provides the most intelligent passing opportunity. Using this diamond pattern, young and inexperienced players are free to get creative with their decision making, while at the same time they are not overwhelmed with strategy options.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Few Career Highlights for DJ Tiesto

Reem Taoz is a businessman with experience in event coordination and liquor sales throughout Lima, Peru’s nightlife industry. Reem Taoz is also knowledgeable in other important areas of nightlife entertainment, including music and electronica. Some of his preferred performers include Dash Berlin and DJ Tiesto.

Tijs Michiel Verwest is a Dutch record producer and DJ better known to fans by his stage name, DJ Tiesto. Over the course of his storied career in the music industry, he has received numerous honors and awards. In 2011, a prominent dance and music magazine in the United Kingdom, Mixmag, ran a user survey in hopes of determining the greatest DJ in the world. More than 30 DJs were nominated by some of the biggest names in music, with approximately 80,000 readers casting the final votes. DJ Tiesto emerged as the top choice by Mixmag readers, a result that surprised few.

Between 2002 and 2015, Tiesto finished as one of the top five performers on DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 DJs poll, including three no. 1 finishes. He finished the 2016 poll at no. 6, a testament to his enduring popularity. In 2013, Tiesto was presented with a Top 100 DJs Legend Award, an honor voted on by professional DJs and awarded to the most successful, influential DJs of the last two decades.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Career Golden Slam in Tennis

Reem Taoz is a management professional who has overseen liquor sales and event planning at a number of Lima, Peru’s most popular nightlife destinations. When he is not working as a night shift manager, Reem Taoz enjoys following football and tennis, and particularly tennis player Rafael Nadal.

Over the history of professional tennis, only two men and two women have completed the career golden slam. This rare feat involves winning at least one championship at the sport’s four major events, an achievement known as a career slam or grand slam, as well as an Olympic gold medal. Andre Agassi was the first male tennis player to complete the career golden slam, with victories at the 1992 Wimbledon championship, the 1994 US Open, the 1995 Australian Open, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, and finally the 1999 French Open.

In 2010, Rafael Nadal joined Agassi after capturing his first US Open title. He had previously won his first major at the 2005 French Open. He added both a Wimbledon championship and Olympic gold to his resume in the summer of 2008, and early in 2009 took his first major title on a hard court at the Australian Open.

On the women’s side, Serena Williams most recently completed a career golden slam at the 2012 London Olympics. While Williams is also a career golden slam holder in doubles with sister Venus, few achievements in the sport rival that of Steffi Graf's calendar golden slam. Having won her first major at the 1987 French Open, Graf repeated as champion the following season while adding three other majors and a gold medal from the 1988 Seoul Olympics.